My Site PREP (Project Research Evaluation Plan) service provides your organization with a full evaluation of your user-interface and a detailed roadmap for achieving desired goals.


A Roadmapped Plan for Better Results

I developed my Site PREP (Project Research Evaluation Plan) service to provide clients and potential clients with a concrete outline of how we can help them achieve better business results.

Each Project Research Evaluation Plan provides your company with a full assessment and evaluation of your current user-interface, identifying deficiencies and providing specific solutions for implementing a more effective user-interface.


Why Order Site Prep?

A Site PREP (Project Research Evaluation Plan) is an intelligent solution for organizations seeking a concrete plan for improved online growth.

Know Where You Stand

A Site PREP will provide your organization with an exact picture of where you stand, with each element of your site personally examined using a proprietary set of over 80 different UX and UI benchmarks and heuristics.

Receive more than a general proposal

Rather than just receiving a general proposal, a Site PREP gives you an opportunity to review a tangible document with a detailed roadmap for optimizing your interface, effectively limiting risk and setting clearer expectations for how improvements will be gained.

Identify Weakness and Areas for Improvement for Better Decisioning

Knowing where to invest resources for the biggest gains is one of the biggest reasons to order a Site PREP.


Site PREP: Project Research Evaluation Plan

Discovery Call

I begin with a discovery call, during which I review your current performance and strategy and uncover desired business objectives.

Research and Planning

My research and planning work identifies existing user-experience shortcomings and formulates specific, strategic solutions in order to achieve goals.


Site PREP deliverables provide your company with a document outlining suggested improvements, along with a full proposal for their implementation.

Site PREP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

My Site PREP service starts at 250 USD per page reviewed (i.e. Home, About, Contact, etc).
A specific quote can be prepared after a no-cost exploratory call.

What is the turnaround time?

Each Site PREP report is prepared personally by myself and requires 2 business days per page (template) reviewed.
Please contact me to inquire about current wait times, which vary based on demand and current project-load.

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